Future Award

Join the unique competition 2019!

 Join the unique competition! 

patron for 2017

  free participation
  win attractive prices
  present an idea in front of a large audience
  receive valuable feedback from economy experts
  connect with important contacts and build a network for your future Career


  Called are ...  

...students from all departments and semesters, who define and move our future.


 Every idea counts!   

No matter if it is ...
... an innovative concept, model, an idea or vision
... study, project, single, or group work
... Uni, FH, BA, TU, ... etc.
... a technical/artistic/economical/... degree


Who can participate:

Participation in the competition is open to - including all fields and semesters - all students who are enrolled in a university, college of higher education, university of cooperative education, private university etc. In case the project participants cannot provide a matriculation but the submitted project was developed in the time of the study and is not older than the previous year, they have the opportunity to still participate in the competition if the participants can present a confirmation of the university and the responsible professors that the project was developed in the time of the study. In every case the organizer reserves the right to examine the submitted documents and finally the admission of the project.



  1. Your participation in the Future Award is free!
  2. Fill out the application form and send us your documents.
  3. We check the documents for completeness and report back to you within 14 days.
  4. You can submit changes up to the submission deadline (15.07.2019).
  5. After the submission deadline is reached all the submissions are evaluated by the jury and the finalists are determined.
  6. The finalists have the opportunity to introduce and present their projects in front of a large audience at the Future Convention. Here, the jury, present DVPT-members, and guests give their final voting.
  7. The five winners will be awarded with prizes during the gala dinner.
  8. All participants and winners at the Future Award receive a certificate upon request.


What we expect for the submission:

  • We do not care about quantity, but about innovation
  • A written conceptual document of about three DIN A4 sheets
  • Additionally, other media can be used
  • The concept should contain:
    • A short description of the idea
    • What´s the news?
    • What change or effect in which area is expected?
    • What potential is expected (qualitative and/or quantitative)
    • What is needed for the execution of the idea?


The evaluation

The criteria for the evaluation are:

  • degree of innovation/originality
  • use
  • elaboration/composition, conception, coherence/understandability


The submission does not underlie constraining requirements and the presentation
of finalized business cases is not expected.
It is explicitly allowed to go wild!

Important Note: Every submission and its content is property of the presenter at all times!


Until 15 February 2019, students from all departments and semesters now have the opportunity again to submit their future pointing ideas and projects for the Future Award.
The winners receive money prices adding up to 3,500,- Euro, multiple contacts, and the presentation of their ideas in front of a large audience.


Submission deadline:  15 July 2019


Presentation of the finalists and the award ceremony are at the Future Convention.


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